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Founded in 2015 by veterinarians Fabrizio Grandi and Hugo Enrique Orsini Beserra, Vet School São Paulo meets the demand for specialized technical knowledge by bringing together different veterinary specialties in its courses. As an example, the Cytodiagnostic Courses Applied to Dermatology and Oncology are cited, in which students, through practical and interactive theoretical classes, learn to correlate macroscopic patterns with cytological findings, increasing diagnostic accuracy and reducing potential errors. Furthermore, it is a pioneer in the use of digital microscopy applied to veterinary cytodiagnosis in the classroom

Over this time, the school has prepared and trained Brazilian and foreign students, standing out for the technical quality of the faculty, innovative teaching methods and physical structure, becoming a reference in the field of cytodiagnostics in Brazil and South America. from international institutions have sought out our school.

Our coordinators and professors are authors of articles, chapters and books related to Veterinary Pathology, in addition to speaking at important national and international events, such as the Brazilian Congress of Veterinary Pathology (CBPV), a biennial event.

The Vet School methodology is based on the foundations: 1) theoretical, dynamic and interactive explanation, with a focus on macro and microscopic correlation; 2) interactive practical classes, using conventional optical microscopy and modern slide digitization systems, pioneer in the area; 3) discussion of cases of interest, in the light of the most current scientific knowledge.  


Welcome to Vetschool São Paulo!


Fabrizio Grandi

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Hugo Enrique Orsini Beserra

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